Crab hunt with Club Fanø

Date: Tuesday 8 aug 2017 - Thursday 14 Sep 2017

Go Crab hunting with Jesper – the Crab King.
Since adults does not understand anything about Crabs, this is for kids only

It is important for a hunter to know about the animal. Carbs can be difficult to catch and it is not that easy to become a good Carb hunter. But Jesper knows and he will teach you.

How fast does your Crab move? How hard does it bite? Is it a male or a female? Are the bigger faster than the small ones?

You are welcome to ask all the questions you have, and you will be able to answer most of them yourself – with a little help from the Crab King.

We will catch a lot of crabs, examine them gently and learn o lot about the funny creatures. Afterwards you will receive a diploma and a badge that will prove that you are now a CRAB HUNTER:

Duration approx. 2 hours.

Price: 100 kr., including a crab fishingrod.

Meeting point: Visit Fanø, Skolevej 5-7, Nordby.

Languages: Danish, German, English and French.

Tickets can at Visit Fanø, Skolevej 5-7, Nordby or directly at Club Fano,
Tel .: buy +45 42 41 25 65 or clubfanoe@gmail.com.

The tour can be conducted in Danish, German, English, French or Luxembourgish.

The tour is arranged by
Club Fano, Kirkevejen 13, Rindby, Fanoe 6720
Tel .: +45 42 41 25 65
Email clubfanoe@gmail.com

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