Sealsafari (Danish and English) by Strandskaden

Address: Arrangeret af:, 6720 Fanø Show map

Address: Arrangeret af:, 6720 Fanø

Galgereef is one of the places in the Wadden Sea where you can see the harbor seal, and we may be lucky to see the larger gray seal. Usually there are 150 - 200 seals at the bank.

We meet at the ramp to the beach in Sønderho and go from there across the tidal flats to the fascinating Galgereef,where sky and sea merge.

A trip for both large and small. Exploring the beach, sand and water are always a hit for kids - and who does not save a small child inside.

On the way out to the seal banks we walk over the Wadden Sea - which at low tide is drained - which in itself is a unique experience.

Along the way, we examine the animal and bird life. We dig for sand worms, find hermit crabs and Laver Spire shells. We try to move like the birds.

And maybe we find a piece of amber.

Bring binoculars (if you got one), camera and a bag for shells.

Arranged by: Strandskaden
By forest and landscape engineer Klaus Louring

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    45 30202543
  • Phone number
    45 30202543

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